Good Planning Provides Peace of Mind

Good planning provides peace of mind.

Retirement planning is a major financial investment – so many considerations, so many variables, so much information to acquire and digest. Of utmost importance: finding the right advisor – a professional who is honest and knowledgeable, objective and can give you the time, care and insight you want, need and deserve.

An advisor with integrity who puts clients’ needs first – always.

Tim Hucks follows two guiding principles in business: 1) Integrity – first, foremost and always; and 2) The client comes first – your concerns and needs supersede all else. This is why university professors and other professionals have relied on him for more than 28 years.

Toward a comfortable retirement.

Tim wants the best for you. He values growth, but he is more interested in protecting the wealth you work so hard for. His financial knowledge and expertise help you plan with confidence that the money will last.

Financial relationships for life.

Tim wants to be your financial steward, not sell you a financial product. He follows the Golden Rule. He offers advice, guidance and execution, to help you understand your situation – to review and adjust your portfolio as needed, to manage risk, to defer or reduce income, to avoid capital gains and unnecessary tax liability.

Listening and responding – to you.

Call or e-mail Tim today. Tell him you need a university retirement specialist to help guide you to a comfortable retirement.

Tax-efficient investing and estate planning.

Tim favors planning that allows you to keep more and give the government less. He protects your money from tax erosion for you and your heirs. Good planning provides security and peace of mind for all concerned. A well-crafted wealth transfer plan ensures family stability for the next generation.

Professional resources at your fingertips.

Quite often, there are business and legal matters that need addressing. Tim has relationships with legal and accounting experts for any issue that may arise. In fact, most clients join Tim via referrals from you, your colleagues and business professionals.